1. Who will you be housing?
    1. In our first phase, we will be housing women with children and single women, as there is no long-term transitional housing projects for women in the Pee Dee. In Phase 2, we will be working to house men with children and graduates of our current men’s Life Recovery Program.
  2. How long will people be able to stay?
    1. Generally, we are planning for a 12-18 month stay to help women get training and save money. In some circumstances, we may extend that period to allow for GED and/or trade school education.
  3. How will you decide who gets to get into the program?
    1. All potential occupants of the tiny homes will go through the Courtney McGinnis Graham Community Shelter. From those we serve, applications will be accepted through the Case Managers, so everyone will understand what is expected of them in this program.
  4. You mentioned a “program”, what do you mean by that?
    1. Every occupant of the tiny houses will be expected to be actively working towards independent living. We will have financial education, child rearing classes, Bible studies and other life skills training that they will attend.  We will also have them working with a case manager to determine what other classes they require to reach their potential.  As soon as possible, they will be working a job and saving money to be able to move into their own residences’.
  5. How will you keep everyone safe?
    1. A fence with a locked gate will surround the entire property. Each individual tiny house will have doors and windows that lock, and phase one will be separate from phase two.  Additionally the village will have security cameras and an overnight security guard. All occupants will be drug and alcohol tested when they move in and randomly throughout their stay. 


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Thank you for your support.